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Cool Hearing Aids?

Like any other technology, hearing aids can be cool, too! Not only can these tiny sophisticated devices be personalized for your listening needs and budget, but the latest designs incorporate some very useful and fun features.

One hearing aid company has a free app that turns a smart phone into a remote control for their hearing aids. It works with both Apple and Android devices, and is a terrific option for those who have trouble with vision or dexterity. This simple program lets the listener discretely turn volume up and down, or change to a different setting for different listening situations. For example, if the music at church is too loud, use the phone to lower the volume to a comfortable level without touching the hearing aids at all. If sounds are very unpleasant, use the ‘Mute’ button on the screen (just don’t tell your spouse). In a noisy restaurant? Tap the screen and change what sounds the aids pick up so dinner conversation is easier. Sound complicated? It isn’t! If you can work a television remote, you can use this handy app.

Another useful feature that is showing up with all major manufacturers is Bluetooth Streaming. Why is this cool? And what is streaming? Streaming is a direct audio signal from the sound source to the hearing aid, like a radio tower. How can this be helpful? This feature is great for watching television. The sound goes directly from the TV to the hearing aids. No more blasting the volume until the windows rattle, no more family members complaining the TV is too loud, no more guessing what is happening on the screen, no more bulky headphones that cut you off from everyone else in the room. The sound is sent directly to the aids, and specifically tuned for each listener. Even better, it is possible to stream phone calls, audiobooks, podcasts, or music from almost any Bluetooth device. Like listening to music while working around the house or exercising? The 30-foot range means a cell phone or tablet doesn’t have to be in a pocket to hear a favorite song. Another way to use this feature is for phone calls. Not only are calls in stereo, which is easier to understand for most, but volume for the call and volume for background noise can all be controlled with the phone using a free app similar to the one mentioned above.

Delaware Speech & Hearing has examples of hearing aids with these terrific features in both Powell and Delaware locations. Call for an appointment to get more information and find out how these cool aids can work for you!

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